June 22, 2022
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8 Apps Which Can Save Lives

Apps are now the new gateway for businesses and brands to interact with their customers. Apps prove to be helpful for us in many different ways. They can improve our life and possibly save also in certain situations. In the following sections, will look at ten such useful apps.


Eight Life Saving Apps

ICE Medical Standard

In Case Of Emergency or ICE is it a type of app that allows you to display your contact information in case of medical emergency on the image overlay of your smartphone’s lock screen display. In case you have an accident, first responders will be able to view emergency contact details when they turn on the smartphone.

The app uses color-coded system which helps first responders quickly understand whether the individual who met with an accident is high risk individual. First responders and doctors will be able to easily access details such as health conditions, allergies, and any type of medication the person is taking.

What Three Words

If you are facing any emergency, it is important to pinpoint the location where you are. For instance, if you are on a trekking trip, and the need arises for medical assistance, then you will not have any street addresses. in such situation providing details of exact location can be difficult. What Three Words is an app that tries to solve this problem. This app provides every three square meter of area in the world distinct three word address and there are about 57 trillion such addresses.

These three words have been generated on a random basis for every three square meters and remain the same. This makes it possible to guide someone to a specific square location in any part of the world with just three simple words. There is also Mozilla and Google Chrome extension to help people find a what three word address in google maps with relative ease.

Zello PTT Walkie Talkie

It is a type of app that lets users convert their mobile phones into two-way radios or walkie talkies. All they need is Wi-Fi connection. The service is capable of sending communication over 2G networks also. Thus, allowing people to communicate with each other even when there is poor cellular service. This technology helps emergency responders easily receive alerts and communicate with each other without requiring expensive radio hardware. In addition, if there is a crisis, the app allows channel owners to send out repetitive alerts via text message to all the subscribers of the channel irrespective of whether they are connected or not at that time to the channel.

The popularity of the app can be judged by the fact that about eight billion messages are sent on a monthly basis using the app. The aim of the app is to keep hikers safe when they go for long walks. Some of the features of this app include location tracking and trail alerts. If you are not returning by time, trail alerts feature will be contacting selected people automatically. In addition, real-time tracking can be used by your chosen contacts to see the location you're moving in on a treacherous track. The app also allows you to check which locations have good cell connection or coverage.

First Aid By British Red Cross

This app teaches people about important methods of first aid. Giving immediate first aid is important in critical situations and the app helps people learn the basic 19 skills that can be used to give first aid to people during an emergency. It also teaches people about how to deal with various incidents like, accidents on road or how to deal with severe cold weather. There are step-by-step guides and interactive quizzes, as well as videos that people can go through.

Share The Meal

Statistics reveal that about one in every nine people in the world is undernourished or hungry. Moreover, nearly 2.3 million kids die every year due to malnutrition. This app educates people and makes it possible to easily donate for this cause. The good thing about this app is that it allows people to donate a minimum of 80 cents. It gives people an idea about what kind of donation amount will help how many meals for people.

Pulse Point

This is an app that allows people with CPR training to offer assistance to those having cardiac arrest in their local area. The alert system has unique alarm sound and is capable of overriding Do Not Disturb feature of smartphones. The app is also connected to 911, so it will inform people with CPR training as well as update emergency service providers.

The app also has a function which permits app users to pinpoint automated external defibrillators on the map with a description of the business providing the AED system and the location where it is available. The app can also notify users about other events such as flooding, wildland fires, and utility emergencies.

My Earthquake Alerts

As the name suggests, it is an app that alerts users about earthquakes. Statistics reveal that there are about 20,000 earthquakes taking place every year around the world. Out of these, about 16 are generally major earthquakes. Users are allowed to select the region for which they want notifications.

Snug Safety

This app functions like an every day check-in service for those who live alone. It particularly focuses on vulnerable and seniors of the society. The people using the app check-in a minimum of once per day, which will indicate to their family that they are safe. Before the deadline for check in, there are several alerts to provide seniors a reminder that they have to check in.

In case they do not check in, a text message is sent to emergency contacts informing them about the fact that checking was missed. If still, there is no check in and there is no confirmation from emergency contacts that they have checked with the senior, the app will perform an official wellness check to know the last location of the smartphone of the senior person using the app.