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June 08, 2022

Is Space Travel in a Balloon Possible?

Floating up in space using balloon possible? An organization by the name Space Perspective will make it possible for people to travel to space in balloons by paying just 125 thousand dollars.


Opposite to the recent trend where civilians consisting of select few billionaires are being sent to space in custom-designed space outfits, another technique is being developed. This technique will be better for the body and at the same time let people enjoy and admire the fantastic views while moving into space. Moreover, it will be far less costly compared to millions that have to be spent for travel using rockets.

Neptune One – The Spacecraft Propelled By Balloon

It is going to be a spacecraft that is propelled using a balloon. The spacecraft has been named Neptune One. It will slowly move upward twenty miles over the surface of the earth and the journey will take 6 hours where two hours will be spent on each of the ascent and descent and total time spent in space.

Many people may believe that it will be very risky and balloon will not have required strength for such endeavor. But, company's founders are confident and have needed experience to ensure success of the project. Taber Mccallum and Jane Poynter, a husband and wife joint undertaking is planning to make this project successful. The couple is already known for various achievements in the field of space exploration and innovation over the last 20 years.

It is worth mentioning here that they are founders of well known Paragon Space Developers Corporation. The corporation was responsible for perfecting spacecraft technologies including those for ISS or International Space Station. The couple is also known for advising Elon Musk about necessities/requirements of space flights with human on-board. Both also led Stratex, which is known for inventing recovery program and a space suit that was self contained. It facilitated exploration of Stratosphere at the height of 100,000 feet. This invention resulted in a Google engineer named Alan Eustace setting up space flight world record in which the flight utilized space balloon for propulsion at about 136 thousand feet.

This balloon space flight will utilize technology required for ascent as well as descent at Non G-force speed of about 12 MPH.

The Space Lounge Capsule

In addition to use of technology, the main focus is on comfort and luxury for space travelers and this has been insured in the space lounge capsule. The travel will help to connect travelers with our planet. The space lounge will be very different from the white environment found in spacecrafts. Travelers will be getting the opportunity of taking extraordinary pictures of our planet, get information from expert pilots, and also go through interactive content.

The space lounge will also provide a dining experience while enjoying the extraordinary views, that every traveler will remember for his lifetime. The space lounge will be quite spacious allowing 8 travelers to stretch out as well as move around. The view will be facilitated by 360 degree windows that will be five feet high and about two feet wide. These windows will offer 450-mile view in every direction. The deep recliners in the lounge along with custom mood lighting will certainly make the environment very interesting. Also, there will be decor that will consist of herbs and plants.

The company is planning a lift off in the ending part of 2024 and lift-off will be from Space Coast Air and Spaceport in Florida. Reservations are open but availability is expected by 2025. And more interestingly, 600 seats for the first year are already sold out!